• victoryproserAccounting Services
    Accounting services of ours includes Inspection of Branch Accounts, Consignment Issues, Finalization of Accounts either on a yearly lump sum basis or concurrent basis, Maintenance of Accounts/Records (EX, SAGE & Tally packages), Accounting System in a new or existing organization following Computerized and or Manual methods, Bank Reconciliation, Creditors and Debtors Reconciliation & Final Accounts preparation, Reconciliation of Debtors and Creditors accounts, Scrutiny of Ledger Accounts.
  • victoryproserAuditing Services
    The Auditing Service by victory proficient services includes preparing annual enterprise risk assessments, planning and scheduling audits, performing audits and reporting audit results and presenting findings to executive management and audit committees. We give autonomous and fair guidance on your business risk management. Our compelling risk evaluations and executions guarantee the complete coordination of audit, administration, consistence, and procedure quality activities.
  • victoryproser Company Law Matters Services
    We have sound expertise in offering services related to Company Law and related matters. The companies in India functions by the Companies Act, 2013, where each company needs to get registered with Registrar of Companies (ROC) and file the necessary documents for different statutory requirements. Catering to both Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company, we offer exclusive services to both the differentiations.
  • victoryproserImport Export Consultancy Services
    Our Import Export Consultancy Services includes Import Export Code Number (IEC), Compliance of Laws under the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009, Fixation / Ratification of SION Norms from DGFT, New Delhi, Advance & Adhoc Authorizations, Negative License, IEM, etc., 3% (EPCG) Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme, 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU), Compliance of Foreign Trade Policy Laws 2004-2009, Representing Enforcement cases and Duty Free Import Authorization.
  • victoryproser Income Tax Services
    Our Income Tax services include filing of income tax returns, e-filing of tds returns, consultancy on income tax matters, faster process of income tax refunds, consultancy on tax planning & savings, maintenance of income tax records, liaison with income tax authorities, tax deduction account numbers and services related to withholding taxes.
  • victoryproserIndustrial Licensing
    In India, there are some regulations and restrictions with regard to establishing industries in certain categories. This is done by making it mandatory to obtain licenses before setting up such an industry. Industrial licensing is compulsory for all industries irrespective of it being Large and Medium Industry. Starting from coal, aerospace, sugar, plywood to motor cars, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, electronics, industrial licensing in compulsory in India to function.
  • victoryproser Labour Laws Matters Service
    We are expertised in offeringLabour Law matters to our clients covering various platforms like Management Advice, Labour Laws Advice, Employee Relations Advice, Social security advice such as ESI, PF, Gratuity etc. We also do Labour Law audits for organizations irrespective of sectors they are into. The Indian labour law refers to laws regulating Labour in India. Traditionally, Indian governments at federal and state level have sought to ensure a high degree of protection for workers.
  • victoryproserService Tax Matters Services
    Responsible and with utmost accodabity, we provide service tax related services for various business organizations and entities. Service tax is a tax levied by Central Government of India on services provided or to be provided excluding services covered under negative list and considering the Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012 and collected as per Point of Taxation Rules, 2011 from the person liable to pay service tax. Person liable to pay service tax is governed by Service Tax Rules, 1994 he may be service provider or service receiver or any other person made so liable.
  • victoryproserVAT Matters Services
    In Victory Proficient Services, we offer VAT related services like determination for any query regarding VAT like Rate of product, Tax Liability of product, Online VAT Registration, VAT E-Return Filling, Works Contract TAX Exemption. Value-added taxation in India was introduced as an indirect value added tax (VAT) into the Indian taxation system from 1 April 2005. The existing general sales tax laws were replaced with the Value Added Tax Act (2005) and associated VAT rules.
  • victoryproserConsultancy Services
    As one of the most trusted service providers in the industry, we provide numerous consultancy service cutting across various industries and organizations. Build on strong evaluation skills and prompt and accurate response system, we have a household name since our existence. What sets us apart is our timely delivery and accuracy. The consultancy service we offer is from all corners of the industry, and caters to different business propositions.
  • victoryproserFinancial Services
    We offer all types of financial service for corporate, business entities, individuals and other firms. Covering all aspects of the financial chain we take care of every detailing and comes up with prompt and adequate finance solutions required. Having a keen eye on the growth of the organizations, our financial services are designed in a way which will yield maximum profit through various forms and minimizing expenses and other financial points.
  • victoryproserInternal Auditing Services
    We offer Internal Auditing services across various industries like healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, media, entertainment, telecommunication, production, food industry and many more. We are innovative and apply unique approaches with key focus on focal points such as risk management, enhance internal controls, execute business plans and meet governance responsibilities. Our team is experienced and brings a lot onto the table.
  • victoryproserPayroll Accounting
    Our payroll accounting is comprehensive and meets all the requirements insisted by the clients. With years of experience in the industry, we can assure you that our payroll accounting is error proof and yields the best result in the industry. Our payroll accounting services cut to various business entities like corporations, business firms and also individuals. We have a well formulated monitoring system which in turn results in maximum productivity and accurate output.
  • victoryproserProject Finance
    Generally, Project Financing Services includes the valuation of a project in terms of the capital needed, risks associated with the project and other issues that needed to be evaluated and solved. A pioneer in the industry, we are expert in all types of projects and offer financing for capital intensive projects with ease. We offer our Project Finance services irrespective of the size of the organization. Our Project Finance Service covers all the matters related to projects like Legal Matters, Sales Tax, Income Tax, Service Tax, and so on.
  • victoryproserStatutory Auditing Services
    Over the years, we have spread a goodwill across industry, offering Statutory Auditing Services. The Statutory Auditing Services we offer to our clients includes covers major and minor sections such as Profit & Loss Account, the Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement in a manner which is accurate. The financial statements which we provide, gives a true indication of the state of the organization and helps to pave a way ahead. Our services are handled by the best professionals in the industry. We are quick and delivers our services within the time frame.
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